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Any Detox Program Should Be Gentle

Feeling bad Is a signal that something Is not right • when toxins are recirculated
they become stored as super toxins In fat tissue

Proper Nutrition Is Essential To Support Detoxification and Determines Failure or Success

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Sunday January 5th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm

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Monday January 13

This is a 60 day program • 1 week of prep • 21 of detox – 30 days followup
$379 including 21 day Detox Purification Kit

About Standard Process

Standard Process is a truly authentic whole food line of nutritional supplemental support 

More than 80% of all raw plant ingredients that go into Standard Process products come from their organic farm in Wisconsin.  In house scientists research, develop, process and test their products to ensure the highest level of quality. 

To Learn more about Standard Process visit and download the ebook “The Standard Process Difference

Why I Trust The Standard Process Line Of Whole Food Supplemental Support 

We all have a health related weak link. Mine is digestion and adrenal dysfuntion. In 2012 I found Dr. Ronda Nelson, PhD in Nutrition Science, through her educational webinars offered by diagnos-techs, the 1st saliva testing lab in the US.  She took me on as a patient and prescribed me a protocol using Standard Process. It worked like nothing I had ever used before. I then began to phase out my other professional lines because I found  Standard Process to be far superior in effectiveness than any other line I’d carried in the past.


Because they truly are composed of a “ synergy “ of whole foods and not synthesized or broken down into parts of the whole the way nearly all other professional lines and OTC supplements are made.  Each professional line is like a language. Given that the Standard Process line is so vast and complex, along with it’s MediHerb division, it has taken hundreds of  hours of continuing education, study and practice to learn how to use them properly and effectively. I now belong to study groups led by Dr. Nelson, as it is her mission to help us help our patients restore and maintain optimal health.