How Does Acupuncture Work ?

Acupuncture accesses Qi – Your Biological Form Of Electricity 

Cell Biologist and author Bruce Lipton states that every cell contains 1.4 volts of electricity inside ( negative charge ) and 1.4 volts outside ( positive charge ). Each cell is like a live battery. We have 50 trillion cells so 700 volts of electricity in our body. This is Qi, or our bio-electro magnetic vibrational energy. Acupuncture resets this internal web of circuitry, thus restoring  and revitalizing free flow of Qi.  The needles are metal precisely because they conduct electricity. 

Imagine the battery in your car or devices; if the voltage is low, or current is blocked, circuitry interrupted, your car or device will not run efficiently. Deficient, blocked or interrupted biological form of electricity / energy / Qi, will degrade and slow the human physiological healing process in the same way. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need ?

This can be usually assessed within 3 visits.  Most people experience measurable improvement and feel much better after the 1st,  2nd or 3rd visit. Each successive acupuncture treatment builds on itself and generally has a greater effect, sustains improvement longer, and further strengthens your ability to heal. 

How quickly you respond also depends not only on how entrenched the disorder is, but on the condition of your fundamental health, which correlates to factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, history, including medication, and age.  Acupuncture or any other treatment including pharmaceuticals is not a sustainable substitute for good nutrition / lifestyle, but acupuncture  can help get you on track because it re-aligns you with your own nature on all levels.

Regardless of age, we learn to appreciate that health is our greatest asset. The ancient medical classic written in the 2nd Century BCE, “The  Nei Jing” states;

“Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principal of wisdom.  To cure disease after it has appeared, is like digging a well when one is thirsty, or forging weapons after the war has already begun.”