Biopuncture Injection Therapy

FDA Approved Homeopathic Injection Formulas, Vitamins & Other Biologicals.

Biopuncture Injection Therapy Contains The Following Benefits:

  • No side affects
  • Not metabolized in the liver 
  • High concentrations of substance in local tissues 
  • Neuro-modulating effect
  • May enter extra cellular matrix directly; matrix is outside the cell and communicates faster than the nervous system
  • Trigger point effect

Arnica Injections Versus Corticoid Steroid Injections

For musculoskeletal pain & stiffness, swelling due to injury and overexertion 

Arnica: A Therapeutic Alternative To Steroidal & Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs

Corticosteroids destroy tissue as it degrades – known to damage liver and kidneys, skews blood sugar metabolism

Arnica series heals for lasting effects, great for sports injury, relaxes blood vessels, no side affects 

Arnica contraindicated in known allergy to plants of the daisy family 

Additional Formulas To Treat

Nervous disorders such as restlessness, sleep disorders, mild depressive states, mental exhaustion, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, painful nerve conditions such as post-herpetic neuralgia ( shingles ) trigeminal neuralgia, sciatic nerve pain, Scar pain, and adhesions, Improve liver and biliary system disorders, swelling of lymph nodes and lymphatic edema, d-tox of the circulatory system 

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