Nutritional Support

What came to my attention a few years into my practice was that patients who didn’t respond well to acupuncture or were unable to sustain improvement had one thing in common: they were generally lacking in adequate nutrition.

Most don’t realize their nutrition needs some tweaking, for others with metabolism, hormone, endocrine and digestive related disorders, the use of targeted supplement and herbal support / protocols are often necessary to restore proper balance.

It’s important to see an experienced clinician who can guide you through this process based on individual needs. 

One of the great things about South Florida, is that as a licensed professional, I have access to many live seminars led by top national /  international nutritionists and functional medicine doctors. 

Professional Practitioner Lines Versus Retail Store Lines

Supplement and Herbal Products Are Not Created Equal  

Lines I use and trust: Standard Process, Xymogen, Prothera / Klaire Labs, Metagenics, Biotics,  Kan Herbs, KPC Herbs.

Consider The Business Models

Professional lines sell only to licensed practitioners  Each product line is like a language. 

They go to great lengths to educate us to properly administer protocols through live education events taught by top practicing clinicians.  Positive health outcomes are the basis of their business models. 

Retail Store Lines: About Volume . If professional lines were about volume, they would not sell exclusively to licensed practitioners.

I use only the lines that have their own manufacturing facilities = Quality Control

Retail Store lines; they primarily contract with outside manufacturing facilities including overseas = lack of quality control

Quality: You can be assured that professional lines use top quality ingredients of which many are in limited supply and more expensive.

Retail store lines use lower grade ingredients and components, therefore potency can vary widely resulting in a waste of time and money.

The lines I use are not sold on the internet because they want their products to be administered properly by health professionals. If my suppliers find their products being sold on line to the general public, then those accounts are closed. The top quality lines have implemented a coded tracking system to determine any source of unauthorized on-line selling. Beware of the expired or counterfeit products sold on the internet.