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Flu Season – Based on the lunar calendar

Yes, There Really Is A Flu – Cold Season Based On The Lunar Calendar…..

and we are just now on the other side of it….but this is only the 1st of four that occur throughout the year.  Isn’t it interesting that the Coronavirus made it’s appearance during this vulnerable window of time ?

It began a few days before the last full moon on January 10 and ran approximately 4 – 5 days into the following new moon that occurred on January 24. This doesn’t mean we won’t get sick after that but this is peak cycle for flu and colds to flourish.  The next one occurs in April. I promise to warn you.

Taoist philosophy and medicine are predicated on the intelligence of nature and her cycles, in this case the lunar calendar with 4 seasons spanning the year plus 4 pauses between seasons known as the earth seasons.The Chinese New Year actually begins the spring season. For us, spring begins with the vernal equinox, as our calendar is based on the ecliptic. Having grown up in the rural Northeast, surrounded by nature in farm country,  we all knew of the January Thaw and Indian Summer in the fall.  These sudden changes in weather correspond to the pauses between seasons, as if the earth is catching it’s breath.  In my  21 years of practice I’ve paid attention to all four earth seasons and without fail, I see a surge in respiratory flu and colds during these few weeks. There are other anomalies during the earth seasons but I’ll save that for another time.

So what does this mean for you ?

Common bacterial and viral infections are opportunistic. During the earth seasons we are asked to adapt to the change in weather and energy. Now with climate change we are called on more than ever to strengthen the integrity of our health and well being so we’re better able to acclimate to the extreme swings in weather, especially during the earth seasons. The more depleted and out of balance we are, the more vulnerable and affected we are by any change in the environment. Hence, we get sick.

How To Fortify

Pay attention to what your body’s telling you. If you’re tired, then rest. Don’t push through it. Don’t go exercise thinking you can sweat it out. Give your body a chance to restore. Your  energy starts with fuel from good nutrition so eat well. Stay hydrated. Listen to the wisdom of your nature.

Take extra care with the wind. Wind is known as a pathogenic factor in Taoist Medicine. Wind changes quickly, it carries bacteria that can enter your body easily. The back of your neck at the base of the occipital, either side of the spine, there are 2 acupuncture points known as “ Wind Gate. “ Have you ever been up north when it’s cold & windy ? What do we do instinctually ? Without even thinking about it, we cover the back of our necks.

Be Prepared….

The Best Offense Is A Good Defense plus some good offense helps too !

My dispensary is stocked with super effective herbal and nutritional support that is far superior to anything that’s available off the shelf.  Taken early with the 1st signs of onset, they will knock out whatever’s trying to take hold before it infects. There are two basic strategies that cover a variety of formulas that serve as defense and offense, plus other formulas for secondary symptoms and extra support. They come in tablets, liquid tinctures, or powdered formulas that my patients call “ Magic Dirt. “

Having fortification on hand is like an insurance policy. For me, if I feel the slightest little something coming on I fortify right away. For all of us when we travel we’re asked to adapt to change in environment and all the stress that goes with it.  I never leave home without my anti flu – cold combo handy and within reach.


Be Prepared


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