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Seasons: Seasonal Energy And You

Summer Solstice Energy … Summer Solstice Astrology

Summer Solstice Season brings with it a growing momentum of expansive light energy. We are all governed by light, as it rises and falls through the 24 hour day cycle, noon being the peak. At the macro level it rises and falls annually over the 365 day cycle. Summer solstice is noon time for the year, a broader or macro circadian rhythm.



How Does This Affect Us?

As solstice light energy expands and rises to it’s peak, nature asks us to expand right along with it. Do we have the energy to meet it or not ? It doesn’t matter. Nature will make it’s demands anyway. Nature is not negotiable.




It’s important to be aware of this increasing demand on our energy, and not to stretch ourselves beyond our means. Summer solstice and the weeks before and after are when our rope is more likely to fray and more likely to break. Remember; it’s noon time of the year, full moon of the year. Maximum expansive light and energy. The longest days. As winter solstice is the most contracted time of year, midnight of the year, new moon of the year, shortest days of the year. Two extremes of the same life force energy. Yin & Yang.


Our culture has become increasingly aware of our own life force energy and the concept of balance; yin & yang.



What we may not be fully aware of is it’s correlation to light. What is our first breath? Sunlight. It’s the spark that lights the fire of life. Qi, life force, vital energy, that which inspires vitality. We feel vibrant. Like a battery, It is our biological version of electro-magnetic vibrational energy. We have evolved along with science, to realize that biology entails more than just the physical aspect of life.

Qi, life force is what we stimulate with acupuncture. It helps us to re-align with our own nature, thus aligning us with all of nature, for we are just as much a part of the nature family as a blade of grass. Light energy fuels the engine that drives us in a constant cyclical motion to adapt, heal and cycle in sync with the predictable daily and yearly circadian rhythms. Though the more stable our foundation, the more efficiently acupuncture shifts us further into a more efficient, self regulating and self healing way of being. Foundation is lifestyle; nutrition patterns, digestion, sleep, rest, exercise, social contact, how we think, withhold, express, learn and how we stay productive throughout our cycles of life. Like a concrete foundation, our own stable foundation will weather the storms that pass through our lives, better able to recover and bounce back.



We invite you to re-align with your nature. Reset your circuits, especially this time of year. Acupuncture works to restore and fortify your natural ability to heal and adapt, fundamental to the foundation of well-being.



Myself, Kefira, Patrick and massage therapist extraordinaire Vivian, (she is exceptional!) welcome and honor the opportunity to support you and help lift you to an improved and higher realm of health and healing, wherever you are on your cycle of life and vitality.

Register for our Summer Solstice Talk

Saturday June 15, 1 – 3 pm at my Office

Many of you who know me know that I’m fluent in the language of astrology with 20+ years of study. Astrology is finally having it’s moment so it’s time to come out of the astro closet ! I look forward to sharing with you what’s in store through July and have a look at your chart with the group, if you like!

Space is limited. $30 in advance. Register below to reserve a spot. I will tell you how to proceed.

More on seasonal cycles to be continues……

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