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With current times it’s more important than ever to create a routine, improve health, wellbeing and immunity for now and the future. I’ve put together some information on nutrition, lifestyle and immune support that is relevant for all of us…

Zinc & Other Food Sources For Immunity

It’s common knowledge that zinc is great for immunity but…

If you take antacids or have other digestive issues you can’t absorb zinc and most other vital nutrients

  • Red meat, in particular liver. You can buy liver powder on line.
  • Shellfish – especially oysters, Alaskan crab, mussels & shrimp. Whole Foods often has shrimp on sale. Don’t buy farm raised seafood.


Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp seeds sesame seeds, pine nuts, sunflower – Grind seeds in a coffee grinder. Our gut does not break these down well. I dry roast pine nuts in a pan to soften – very good on salads. I also grind a combo of the above and mix together, sprinkle on greens like arugula and watercress. I add some cut up apple or mango, with a champagne vinegar and olive oil I premix.

  • Chia and hemp are also high in protein.
  • Flax – Especially high in essential fatty acids which we need to absorb Vit D.
  • Sesame is very high in calcium. All tissues need calcium – extremely important for immunity and helps break fevers. Try cooking with sesame oil or use in a dressing for salads. Keep in mind the more sugar and carbs we eat, the more calcium we lose.
  • Nuts – Cashews & pecans are best but very calorie dense unless you are one of the lucky ones who never gains weight.
  • Brasil Nuts – also high in selenium – most important mineral for thyroid.
  • Legumes – Lentils are really the best, chick peas have triple the carbs of lentils. Keep carbs on the low side. Also high in fiber.

Other Immunity Foods

  • Bone Broth – Supports WBC production
  • Eggs – high in Vitamin A for mucous membranes of microbiome which is what keeps the good guys in and the bad guys out. Very important for Covid-19 – more on that later.
  • Butter organic grass fed – high in Vit A.
  • Coconut Oil – Supports WBC production + fat reduces sugar cravings. Diabetics can’t convert Carrots to vitamin A.
  • Cod Liver Oil – Great source of EFAs + Vit D and Vit A. The British Ministry during WW2 thought it important enough to ration and make sure that children got their share.
  • Whey Protein – most potent precursor to glutathione, your master antioxidant and essential for liver detox. They are not all created equal. Standard Process is the least denatured, or closest to it’s natural state than any other available and contains colostrum, super important for immune health.
  • Fiber – for liver and gut detox both important for immunity. Get 30 – 40 grams of fiber daily. White beans, navy beans, lentils, green beans, blackberries. If you can’t get enough from food, then add Standard Process Whole Food Fiber. Easy to incorporate. 2 tbs in water 2 x day = 14 grams fiber.
  • Contact me for pdf of fiber foods.


"Nancy provides wonderful service and results. It is so refreshing and rewarding to feel strong and resilient using a holistic approach."
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