Natural Hormone Balance

My goal is always to help support your natural ability to produce and regulate hormone balance through all phases of life without the use of HRT or bio-identical hormone therapy

  Chinese Medicine views a woman’s cycle as central to her overall health and vitality  

My Approach To Natural Hormone Balance

Sub-Optimal Fertility & Menstrual Dosorders

Acupuncture – wakes up the circuitry of Qi to support the body’s ability to align with it’ s own nature and cycles

Nutritional Counseling and Support – Most people believe they eat healthy but does their nutrition adequately foster normal, regular menstrual cycles and robust ovulation ? 

Herbal Medicine – Chinese Medicine’s long history is rich with formulas specifically designed to support women’s cycles, reproduction, and overall health and wellbeing. 

Saliva Hormone Testing – Just because a woman has a regular normal cycle does not mean she’s ovulating and her pituitary hormones are not signaling as they should.  

Saliva tests for cycling females measure the natural rise and fall of hormones throughout the monthly cycle. This method will confirm  which hormones and signals are out of balance and when. To measure hormones with a blood test measures the hormone levels only for one day. 

More on Saliva Hormone tests

Adrenal Health & Stress

The HPA; hypothalamus pituitary-adrenal axis is the master regulator of homeostasis in the body.  What causes adrenal deficiency?

Stress from fear/worry, anxiety, anger, overwork, inflammation, pain, infections, low blood sugars, trauma, injury, shift work sleep disorder and sleep deprivation, digestive disorders, allergies, and more.

Adrenal Stress Index measures:
Cortisol, DHEA, Insulin, SigA, Gliaden Antibody, 17oH-Progesterone
Cortisol patterns found with saliva testing in many cases correlate to all of the above and show us how and where we need to correct the imbalance and restore vitality. 

Cycling Female Hormone Panel measures:
monthly estrogen / progesterone patterns, testosterone, pituitary hormone secretions
Can reveal causes of irregular painful menses, migraine headache patterns suboptimal fertility, PCOS ( polycystic ovarian syndrome), and more.

Peri and Post Menopause Hormone Panel
Peri to post-menopause can last up to 10 years. The right balance of hormones during and after this transition is important to long-term emotional, mental, and physical health.

Male Hormone Panel measures:
DHEA, Testosterone, androgens, DHT, Progesterone, & Estrogens
Andropause symptoms: decreased muscle mass & strength, low energy, decreased libido, insomnia, hair loss, and more.

Bone Health Panel assesses:
Hormones and cortisol through saliva, bone breakdown through urine, without exposure to radioactive or x-ray sources

Other Test Panels

  • Food Intolerance Panel
  • Gastrointestinal Health with the addition of stool samples

Saliva testing reveals the true picture of the imbalance and shows us what treatment strategies need to be implemented to restore homeostasis and natural hormone levels 

Diagnos-Techs, Clinical and Research Laboratory, founded in 1987, has been a pioneer and leader in the science of saliva testing, with a commitment to assisting healthcare professionals in restoring patient health and wellness, with over 1.2 million specimens tested per year.

For more information on the tests follow the link to the Diagnos-Techs website.